4This specific just came into my thoughts this morning – a weird topic to write with regards to in my blog. What exactly is the future of the human race or say people on this planet, should it be good or a whole lot worse?

Some time back I could see on the Discovery Funnel that the scientists are usually developing various products which can be attached having human beings. They are another memory say a form of HDD so that individuals can store further information in it instantly transferring the data of their brains (sounds weird).

Within the next two decades, telephones and the like are going to be totally obsolete. Tv sets and like may disappear. Every personal physical body can contain the capabilities. Not anyone will have to bother phone dialing a telephone. Somebody will only need to stream out the number of the required party from his personal built-in phone, featuring its antennae located in typically the eyebrows or by his hair, plus the other person will receive the letter the same built-in means. That’s how quick it will be to place any phone call. And those who else wont upgrade them selves will be left behind (According to Darwin’s hypothesis “Survival of the fittest”). And if any problem is sold with our body we will ought to show that in order to Robotic engineer orgasm doctor.

In 1998 somebody developed a kinetic hand that can be manipulated through the internet along with scientists are creating such things for doing operations (doctors during one side of the globe and patients with other). Don’t know what to you suppose will happen if there will be a system congestion.

Moreover professionals can now change the gene history and mix them with animals’ genes to create completely new type which not resembles any of the preceding ones. Well let’s take a go more further more… how about 500 as well as 1000 years through now. Humans became half machines which can be much advanced ethnic background than us in addition to calling to their loved ones residing in other exoplanets.

Just take for example in relation to 100 years ago coming from now if we may have said to people that at a later date we can fly throughout aircraft, talk to any individual from anywhere applying mobiles and have gadgets named computers which will do so many responsibilities they might call us nuts.

But will all these techie advances really support mankind? Take such as mobiles. They are now seen to create cancers. Television set for eye complications etc . What about some other warfare items?

The human race will also be effected through environmental factors.

Let us take for example wipeout of the earths. Do you really believe that for the will be extinct along with gradual change or maybe say sudden alter of climatic conditions (Movie “Day After Tomorrow”)? I would say number Many will definitely perish but the human race refuses to get extinct. My answer is so because individuals can travel from a place to another faster (aircraft) than other kinds on this planet, however many will be forgotten. What about increasing articles of CO2 along with other gases and air pollution? The number of percentage people have increased going on about asthma, lung cancers etc . Three months again I saw an add Television people marketing a device which absorbs the Co2 as well as other harmful gases seen in a room, made specifically these people. Is this the, because concentration of such gases is improving day by day. Yes lifestyle will still make it and give rise to be able to species which can are living also in individuals conditions as “life always finds some sort of way” dialog via “Jurassic Park” video.

Scientists say that cockroaches can even survive a new “nuclear war”. Suppose it really happens down the road? I read a place that a guy seemed to be talking about energy accès and pollution goods and he got a basic comment from other the one which the scientists may find out a new way presented example of solar energy wind flow energy etc however these gases attentiveness is increasing.

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